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Savory French Toast Breakfast Sandwich

Yield 1 sandwich


2 slices garlic Texas toast

2 tablespoons Real California butter

1/4 cup Real California buttermilk

3 eggs

2 slices Real California Cheddar

2 strips bacon, cooked until crisp



Whisk two eggs and buttermilk in a bowl. Soak each slice of toast in egg mixture until well coated and a little soggy. Cook toast in a frying pan with melted butter until browned on both sides and set aside. Add remaining egg and cook sunny side up. Assemble breakfast sandwich with Cheddar slices topped by bacon and then egg between the two slices of toast. Serve with arugula salad.

Recipe provided by the California Milk Advisory Board.

If you require photographs in a different format or are interested in additional information from the California Milk Advisory Board, please contact Rayanne Zackery, Ketchum for the California Milk Advisory Board,