Cheesy California Bean Dips Are The Perfect Kickoff To Super Bowl Sunday

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Make These Tasty Appetizers Your Most Valuable Snacks On Game Day

(January 3, 2006) Super Bowl Sunday is a day for big plays, funny commercials and delicious snacks. For this year's game day get-together, California Cheesy Black Bean Dip and Monterey Jack and White Bean Dip are sure to score big with your teammates.

These warm dips are a tasty blend of creamy beans and melted cheese and make for hearty Super Bowl noshing that will satisfy even a quarterback's appetite. They go well with all kinds of dippers, and are quick and easy to prepare so you won't miss the game.

Plenty of cheese makes these dips stand out from the competition. In California Cheesy Black Bean Dip, two kinds of California cheese (Mozzarella and Cotija) combine with black beans and onions for a hard-hitting taste, and jalapeño peppers add a distinctive kick. If you want to mix up your play-calling, you can substitute Monterey Jack for the Mozzarella.

Monterey Jack and White Bean Dip teams California Monterey Jack with white beans and oregano to create a savory dip fit for your snack-time hall of fame. A sprinkling of tangy California cow's milk Feta provides the game-winning touches.

These dips are so good you'll want to have leftovers for the next day. Spread them on tortillas and top with more cheese for quick quesadillas, use as a topping for nachos (with more cheese) or use as a base for huevos rancheros.

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