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  • California produced 2.25 billion pounds of cheese in 2012 and is the second-largest cheese-producing state in the U.S. (CDFA) 


  • In 2012, California produced more 2.2 billion pounds of cheese. (CDFA)


  • California is the country’s largest milk producer and in 2012 produced 42 billion pounds of raw milk.  Approximately 43% percent of all California cow’s milk goes to make California cheese. (CDFA)


  • California has more than 50 cheesemakers who produce over 250 different varieties and styles of cheese. 


  • California cheese production in 2012 was, by major types of cheese: 58.1 percent Mozzarella, 14.4 percent Cheddar, 12 percent Monterey Jack, 5.0 percent Hispanic, 7.8 percent Parmesan and Provolone. (CDFA)


  • Per capita cheese consumption has increased by more than eight pounds since 1990, more than 15 pounds since 1980, and 20 pounds since 1970. (USDA)


  • California is the largest producer of Hispanic-style cheeses, producing over 111 million pounds in 2012. CDFA)


  • California produces more Monterey Jack than any other state. Monterey Jack is a “California Original,” a descendant of a type of cheese produced in the California missions more than 200 years ago. In 2012, California produced 271 million pounds of Jack cheese. (CDFA)


  • In 2012, California produced more than 325 million pounds of Cheddar cheese. (CDFA)


  • California produces 100 types of spiced and flavored cheeses.


  • The Real California Cheese seal certifies that a cheese is a natural cheese, made in California exclusively from California milk.