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Start Your Day With A California Yogurt Cup

(December 6, 2005) Many reach for yogurt for breakfast because it's convenient, tasty and healthy. This preparation also shows off its versatility. California Yogurt Cup makes a quick and delicious breakfast you can feel good about - high in calcium, protein, potassium and flavor. And you can adapt it to use your favorite fruit so you can enjoy a new variation every morning.

California Yogurt Cup combines creamy yogurt with fresh fruit for a refreshing taste. No-sugar preserves add a touch of sweetness and low-fat granola contributes satisfying crunch. It comes together quickly with plain yogurt and whatever fresh fruit you have handy, or you can experiment with different yogurt flavors and combinations of fruits and nuts.

Preparation couldn't be easier. Simply layer yogurt and other ingredients into a parfait cup or glass for an easy and delicious start to your day. Or if you're on the run, pop the ingredients into a plastic container and take it with you. Beyond breakfast, this tasty combination also makes for a satisfying and healthy snack.

Yogurt is a food you can feel good about eating any time of the day and is an excellent source of calcium. California is the nation's leading milk-producing state and is also a leading producer of many dairy products including butter, ice cream and yogurt.