Family Recipe Nods To Rich California Dairy Legacy

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June is Commemorative Month for California's Dairy Families

(May 2, 2005) Modesto, Calif., May 2, 2005 - The Mouw family of Chino, Calif. knows the secret to long-lasting recipes that become favorites for generations. As a dairy family in the nation's top-producing state, milk and butter are staples in Mouw family recipes.

"Dairy recipes have been in our family for years," said Rose Mouw. "In fact, California dairy products are key ingredients in many of our soups, sauces, main dishes, and desserts."

June is National Dairy Month, and to celebrate, the Mouws are sharing a family recipe from the farm, so fellow Californians can get a slice of the state's rich dairy heritage. Strawberry Cream Pie arrives just in time for summer brunches and outdoor barbecues.

Californians have plenty to celebrate in June, since California leads the nation in the production of milk, butter, ice cream, nonfat dry milk, and is second in overall cheese production. California produced 36.4 billion pounds of milk in 2004, and 1.99 billion pounds of cheese. The California dairy industry has an economic impact of $35 billion and generated more than 250,000 jobs in California during 2002.

"Californians can feel good about the dairy products they enjoy on a daily basis since these products provide a complete package of essential nutrients," said Nancy Fletcher, vice president of communications for CMAB. "California dairy families are proud to bring delicious products from the farm to the table as part of the state's rich dairy tradition."

This June, enjoy a slice of Strawberry Cream Pie with a large glass of milk and say "cheers" to the 2,100 dairy families that have created a lasting dairy legacy in California for more than 200 years.