California Dairy Offers Back-To-School Healthy Snacking Tips For Families To Start With A Clean Slate For Better Performance At School And Beyond

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TRACY, Calif. (September 1, 2016) – The new school year means a return to teachers, books and schedules as well as a fresh start in developing healthy eating habits to fuel young brains and bodies. With 70 percent of households with children wishing there were healthier snack options* available, the real food experts at the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) put together a back-to-school checklist of ideas for all members of the family to get a fresh start on healthy snacking with Real California dairy:  

Make it easy and taste good. Starting with healthy, great tasting ingredients makes snacking easy. This DIY Real Healthy Snacking grid provides six easy mix and match recipes using yogurt, cheese or milk to create nutritious, protein-packed snacks and quick breakfasts like Kali-Thyme Toast or a Crunchy Berry Boost Yogurt Bowl for families on the go.

Snack healthier at the office. Avoid impulse temptations by packing snacks that you’ll look forward to enjoying (and that are high in protein to keep you satisfied!). Spice up routine snacking with veggie dips, like homemade Tzatziki Sauce with Pita Chips and Cucumber Slices or a lighter version of Loaded Pimento Cheese Dip served with crunchy carrots and celery.

Serve healthy snacks at parties while scoring an A+ for creativity. Healthy treats don’t have to be the downer at birthday or school parties. Set a creative and festive stage with ideas from The TomKat Studio like Yogurt and Apple Slice “Donuts,” Pocket Pastries stuffed with fruits or vegetables or Frozen Yogurt Drops.

Lighten up favorite foods. Add lightened up recipes created by registered dietitians like Mexican Street Corn Fritters to the lunchbox rotation or enjoy Cinnamon Roll Frozen Yogurt Muffins for an after dinner indulgence.

Learn the ABC’s of essential nutrients your body is lacking. “I encourage patients of all ages to consume more milk, cheese and yogurt for the benefits of protein, calcium and other essential nutrients the body needs at every stage of life,” says Barb Dehn, nurse practitioner. “High-quality protein sources, such as dairy, are important for muscle growth and repair, bone health and support healthy aging.”

Get the kids interested in a healthy lifestyle. Empower kids to make healthy eating and exercise part of their daily habit by signing up for Fuel Up to Play 60, the country’s largest in-school health and wellness program. Fuel Up to Play 60 uses a partnership with the National Football League (NFL) to help kids become leaders to increase access to nutrient-rich foods and 60 minutes of physical activity at school and beyond.

Consumers can look for the Real California Milk or Cheese Seal on dairy brands to ensure quality products made with 100 percent milk produced by California’s more than 1,400 dairy farm families. Products with the seals are available in supermarkets and specialty stores across the U.S.